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St. Petersburg Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Why are medical malpractice cases challenging?

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With medical malpractice cases in Florida, they are extremely expensive cases. In order to proceed with a claim, you have to recruit medical expert witnesses. It’s our feeling that we need to provide the best medical expert witnesses that we can obtain, which normally means going out of state to a teaching institution – Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, Duke, someplace that is recognized as a teaching center for the medical profession. The experts that are recruited are very expensive. They have to review the medical records and often times the x-rays and take the time out of their busy schedules to become witnesses in the case. Because of that, the cases become extremely expensive. That expense and the general sentiment in the public that doctors have a credibility average over the average patient, causes us to be very conservative about the cases that we can accept. If we do accept the case, we advance all of the costs that are involved in proceeding with the claim. If we don’t accept the case, we try to help the client find somebody else to get involved in their representation, if we feel it is something that can be accomplished.

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