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What is mediation in Florida?

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Mediation in Florida is a process where the parties come together, and the goal is to try and work together to get the case resolved. Often times in our cases, before we can be granted a trial date by the judge, the court will require us – the parties to attend a mediation. It is a process by where the parties come together and agree on a mediator, the mediator is someone who is impartial and does not have any type of decision-making authority or power and cannot make the parties settle. The mediator is there as a facilitator to facilitate settlement discussions in hopes that both parties compromise and try to reach a resolution of the claim. Mediation is important because it gives the parties the ability to try to resolve the case before going to trial. If you go to a jury trial, both parties are putting the decision-making power in the hands of six jurors. At mediation the parties have the ability to decide to resolve the case. It is a very important step in the case. We typically seek to go to mediation early to resolve cases as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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