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What expenses are associated in pursuing a medical malpractice case?

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Our firm typically advances all of the expenses or costs associated with pursuing the litigation. Those costs or expenses are then reimbursed out of any recovery. That is separate from the attorneys’ fees. If, in the unlikely event that we are not successful in the case, the client is not responsible for any of the costs or expenses, and our firm bears those costs. That’s a major reason that we are selective about the cases that we get involved in. The costs in a medical malpractice case can be tremendous. It is not unusual for us to spend tens of thousands of dollars. If a case goes to trial, maybe over a hundred or two-hundred thousand dollars on costs to pursue the case. Costs include, and in their large part are made up of expert witness fees, but can include court reporters, videographers and costs for medical records. There is a wide variety of costs, and they are ultimately reimbursed out of the recovery.

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