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What can be done to a doctor or nurse who commits malpractice?

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There are a couple different paths to take when you suspect that there has been medical malpractice. The first path, of course, is contacting us because you can bring a claim or lawsuit against a doctor or healthcare provider that you believe has committed medical malpractice. In addition to a lawsuit, there are things called administrative actions that can be taken. Doctors and nurses have licenses in the state of Florida through the Department of Health. The Department of Health has a website where you can go and make a complaint against a doctor or nurse if you think there’s been medical malpractice. In addition, hospitals or medical facilities are generally licensed by the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration. Like the Department of Health, you can contact the Agency for Healthcare Administration and make a complaint against a hospital or medical facility. In every case that we file against a healthcare provider, we notify these organizations of the existence of the lawsuit and the possibility that there was medial negligence. Even in cases where we don’t believe there would be a successful lawsuit, we can help you make a complaint, or guide you through the process to do what you think is right for your situation.

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