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USA Today investigation reveals U.S. hospitals not protecting mothers


A recent USA Today investigation revealed that since 1990, maternal deaths in the U.S. have risen sharply to the point that the U.S. now has the highest level of maternal deaths per 100,000 births in the developed world.  The investigation further found that the deaths often result from medical staff failing to follow long-known safety measures.  Basic tasks experts have recommended for years to help ensure the safety of mothers get ignored, putting mothers in danger of death and severe injury.  Here is a link to the USA Today article.

It is our experience that patients and their families are often unaware that they or their loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice.  Health care providers often fail to disclose the true cause of patients’ deaths or injuries, or often describe the cause as a rare complication.  It is important that if you fear that you or a loved one is the victim of malpractice that you have an experienced medical malpractice attorney review your case to determine whether malpractice may have played a part in the injury or death.

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