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Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

When you sign a contract with a Tampa nursing home to provide care for yourself or a loved one, you expect the facility to deliver high-quality, professional services. Unfortunately, statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Justice may not support this theory. According to the Elder Justice Roadmap, the rates of neglect and poor care are shocking in nursing homes, where adverse events and inadequate care are common. Victims and their families suffer a wide range of consequences that can be profound and long-lasting.

It may come as some consolation to know that Florida laws protect those who suffer harm because of misconduct in nursing homes. You should contact a Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer to learn more about your rights, but you may find it useful to review some important information.

Overview of Nursing Home Negligence

Where outright abuse involves intentional conduct, neglect in the nursing home context is more subtle – yet equally harmful and traumatic. As with other personal injury cases based upon negligence, there are four elements you must show to recover compensation. You need to prove:

  1. The nursing home had a duty to provide care to the resident;
  2. The facility breached this duty by engaging in careless misconduct;
  3. The breach of duty was a direct cause of harm; and,
  4. You suffered losses, either as a resident or family member acting on behalf of a resident.

Spotting the Signs of Negligence in Nursing Homes

Because the resident of an assisted living center may have limited ability to recognize or report incidents of neglect, you may need to take the lead on spotting the signs. Some red flags may include:

  • Bedsores from the failure to regularly move and monitor the resident;
  • Injuries from falls and other accidents that result from a lack of supervision;
  • Malnutrition or dehydration;
  • Errors in administering required medications;
  • Dusty or grimy common areas;
  • Open, unlocked exterior doors or lack of security;
  • Dirty linens or conditions in private quarters; and,
  • Many others. 

Take Action to Recover Damages for Your Losses

You should contact police and relevant government agencies right away to report nursing home negligence, since officials are tasked with investigating and enforcing Florida laws on such misconduct. In addition, through a separate civil lawsuit, residents and their families may be able to recover monetary damages for:

  • Medical costs to treat injuries and other harm that result from wrongdoing;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress; and,
  • Other forms of compensation, depending on the circumstances.

Set up a Free Consultation with a Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered harm because of misconduct in a nursing home, your first priorities should be securing a safe situation and retaining a skilled lawyer. Our team at Masterson, Hoag & Smith, P.A. is dedicated to fighting on behalf of victims of nursing home neglect, so we’re prepared to pursue all legal strategies to protect your family and interests. Please contact our office today at 727-325-2696 to schedule a no-cost case evaluation with a Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer.

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