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Stella Grace Immanuel Was Sued for Medical Malpractice


After President Donald Trump retweeted a claim from “America’s Frontline Doctors” that the drug hydroxychloroquine had “saved hundreds of lives”, the folks on the opposite side of the aisle began digging into Immanuel’s past.

As it turns out, Immanuel has made several bizarre claims in the past including the idea that cervical cancer is caused by having transdimensional sex with demons. Meanwhile, several more recent studies show that there is no therapeutic benefit to using the drug to fight coronavirus. This is despite the fact that the drug has been used to treat other coronavirus ailments including the initial SARS. Medical doctors point out that doesn’t mean the drug is effective against this coronavirus.

The most recent development in this strange story is a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against Immanuel after she lost one of her patients.

Stella Grace Immanuel 

Stella Grace Immanuel is licensed to practice medicine in Texas and Louisiana. In Louisiana, she is being sued for medical malpractice by a former patient and her estate.

According to the complaint, the woman had a needle break off in her arm while she was doing meth. Immanuel and another doctor prescribed the woman medication but apparently did not look at her arm. The woman went home, but the pain was too excruciating. She went back to a hospital where the attending doctor removed the needle from her arm. She died six days later.

The lawsuit claims that Immanuel ignored the woman’s complaints about the needle.

The plaintiffs have had difficulty serving the lawsuit. An attorney for the family said that he had no idea that Immanuel had moved to Texas or that her videos have become the source of political debate.

According to the suit, the broken needle became infected with a flesh-eating bacteria or virus. In these cases, the bacteria eat through muscle and skin leaving gaping flesh wounds.

The video garnered national media attention after Immanuel claimed that hydroxychloroquine could “stop the pandemic in its tracks”. It has since been shared by Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. It is widely believed that the Trumps own stock in the company that produces the medication.

However, recent studies conducted in the U.S., Spain, and elsewhere have shown disappointing results, and many believe the danger of the drug outweighs any therapeutic value. It is believed that testing of hydroxychloroquine will be stopped in the U.S.

Today, coronavirus is treated with a cocktail of drugs including steroids to reduce the lung inflammation and remdesevir, a drug used for treating AIDS.

Immanuel is also a pastor who has made several supernatural claims from the pulpit. These include the notion that alien lizards are controlling the government, and the medical community develops drugs and other therapies from alien DNA. Thus far, no one has found any evidence of such claims, which is frankly disappointing.

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