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State Inspectors Cite Johns Hopkins All Children’s for Failing to Report Mistakes


Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital was cited for two failures to report medical negligence, according to a report issued by the Agency for Health Care Administration. In one case, doctors allegedly left a needle in one of their patients—who was a baby—and neglected to tell his parents about it.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Johns Hopkins All Children’s has had significant issues with their health institute. This includes two alleged cases of needles being left in children. In one such case, a needle reportedly had been left in a child’s aorta. The parents of the child did not become aware of the problem until a follow-up visit with the doctor’s office. When they reported the problem to the hospital, the surgeon said it did not exist.

Not only did the physician’s reports neglect to include the needle left inside the aorta, but the parents themselves were not warned.

Hospital Responds to Report 

The hospital reported that, if it had found something that had gone wrong during a surgery, it would not hesitate to notify its board and the proper regulatory agencies. It also said that there was a policy in place for leaving needles which are less than 10 mm in patients if the risk of harming the patient is greater than the need to immediately remove the needle. Because of this policy, the hospital indicated that it believed it was not required to report the needle to anyone.

The hospital, however, also indicated that its policy is to report such events to patients or their parents but did not indicate why they had not in this case.

Agency for Health Care Administration Decides Not to Fine All Children’s 

The AHCA did not report that Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital would be fined for failing to report these adverse medical incidents to state regulators or health care proxies, but considers the matter a “serious breach of trust”.

The hospital claims that it has made some changes to the department.

According to reports, however, the surgeon who had operated on the child and left a needle in her aorta was no longer performing surgeries though this doctor did remain on staff.

In addition, the hospital has begun referring complex cases to other hospitals and performing fewer heart surgeries in-house.

Hospital Reportedly Settles for $50,000 

According to the parents, the needle that had been left in the child’s aorta was removed during an unrelated procedure. The hospital settled the malpractice claim for around $50,000 which has been put in a trust for the child.

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