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St. Petersburg Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

When you face a situation of nursing home negligence, either yourself or through a loved one, your first reactions may range from frustration to fear to outrage. Your intuition tells you to contact police or the Florida Adult Protective Services, and taking such action is absolutely a priority. The end result of filing a complaint against the facility will most likely be a fine, license suspension, or possibly criminal charges. However, this form of justice does nothing to compensate for your losses as a victim or family member.

Fortunately, Florida law does provide you with options to recover monetary damages through a civil action. Because the legal process is complicated, it’s wise to trust a St. Petersburg nursing home negligence lawyer to advocate on your behalf. In addition, you can read on for an overview about how these cases work.

Legal Liability in Nursing Home Negligence Claims

Generally speaking, nursing home neglect is the failure by the facility to provide the resident with basic living arrangements and necessities. Such misconduct is separate from nursing home abuse, which typically involves intentional acts that cause harm to the resident.

Neglect is more closely associated with carelessness and treatment of the resident in a way that deviates from the standard of care that applies to all nursing homes. When the breach of the duty of care causes harm to the resident, he or she may be able to seek compensation for the resulting losses. It’s possible to recover for:

  • Medical costs, if the resident needs physical or psychological treatment to recover from the harm caused by nursing home negligence;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Diminished quality of life; and,
  • Many other losses, which vary based upon your circumstances.

Looking Out for Your Loved One

Many times, it will be up to you to be the voice for a family member who cannot express concerns about nursing home negligence. In such a situation, you need to be vigilant about the signs that indicate misconduct in a Florida assisted living community. They may include:

  • Medical negligence, where the facility doesn’t attend to the resident’s health care needs, such as giving medications, monitoring existing medical conditions, and assisting with mobility;
  • Neglect of basic needs, such as failing to provide food or water, or not maintaining the nursing home in a safe, secure, clean condition;
  • Personal hygiene negligence, through a failure to give the resident assistance with bathing, dental care, laundry, and related needs; and,
  • Social and/or emotional neglect, which may occur when nursing home staff ignores the relationship needs of the resident, leaves them alone for extended periods, or refuses to allow visitors. 

Discuss Your Claim with a St. Petersburg Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer 

While the above information may be helpful in summarizing your legal options, nursing home negligence claims are far more complicated in a real-life scenario. With help from an experienced attorney, you can feel confident that your case is in good hands. For additional details on your rights and remedies, please contact Masterson & Hoag, P.A. You can schedule a free case assessment by calling 727-325-2696 or visiting us online.

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