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Sons File Lawsuit After Their Father Dies in Police Custody


Kenneth Utterback was arrested and taken into police custody. Utterback wore a medical alert bracelet stating that he had epilepsy but was also allergic to the anti-seizure medication, Dilantin. Utterback’s medic alert bracelet was removed as he was being arrested.

I bet you can guess which drug Utterback was given while in jail. If you guessed Dilantin, then you are correct. Yes, medical staff at the jail administered Dilantin to Utterback for at least a month until he died. Doctors allegedly reported that Utterback had “no known allergies.”

Medical records show that Utterback’s health deteriorated over the next month. He had to be transferred to several hospitals. Eventually, Utterback succumbed to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, an untreatable skin disease that causes your skin to peel off your body. The rash is reported to be a well-known side-effect of certain anti-seizure medications.

His sons have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Solano County Sheriff’s Office.

Civil Rights Attorneys Get Involved 

The family hired a civil rights attorney calling their father’s treatment “evil” and lobbying for accountability. The Solano County Sheriff’s Office posted a policy change stating that whenever an officer comes across a medic alert bracelet, they must give it to medical personnel immediately.

It is unclear whether or not the medical services provided were from a private company or whether they are sheltered by sovereign immunity afforded to some state contractors.

The sons say they will use the money to set up an educational scholarship in their father’s name. They say it is more about changing how the system works than looking for a big payday.

It is unclear why the 83-year-old and former veteran Utterback was arrested.

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