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Soccer Goalie Sues Team Doctors for Medical Malpractice


Jake Gleason is the goalkeeper for the Major League Soccer team, the Portland Timbers. In 2018, he was living out his dream of being a professional soccer player. At 28 years of age, Gleason thought he had a lot of years of soccer left in him. Only two years later, though, Gleason cannot walk without pain. Gleason has now filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the two of the team’s doctors and affiliated health clinics. The Timbers, however, were not named in the lawsuit.

What Happened? 

Gleason, who was experiencing pain in his shins, had team doctors perform an X-ray. The X-ray revealed multiple stress fractures in the shins of both legs. Team doctors recommended placing metal plates into both tibias to correct the issue and prevent it from happening again. Gleason underwent surgery on both tibias.

Gleason went for surgery on August 15 and hoped to be back on the field by October. For the first month, everything appeared to be going as planned. But by mid-September, Gleason had developed an infection in his right leg. Doctors recommended removing the plate and scheduled a surgery to do so. However, they ended up leaving the plate in his leg. Gleason’s condition worsened.

The infection returned, and doctors again decided that the best course of action was to remove the metal plate in his right leg. That’s when Gleason apparently developed an infection in his left leg. A week later, doctors removed the plates in both legs.

Gleason went for a second opinion. Doctors quickly realized that Gleason was showing signs of necrosis (death of tissue) and osteomyelitis, an infection in the bone. They scheduled Gleason for surgery the next day.

Due to the infection, it was alleged that Gleason lost tissue in his leg. Dead or infected bone had to be immediately removed leaving Gleason with permanent problems in his legs.

The Allegations

Gleason contends that doctors were negligent in the performance of his surgery. He alleges that they failed to sterilize the plates in his leg prior to surgery and failed to disclose sanitary problems at the surgical center where the surgery was performed. Additionally, Gleason accuses doctors of choosing the most aggressive and risky procedure as opposed to more conservative therapies for stress fractures in the shin.

As a result of these alleged failures, Gleason claims he required a tube to be implanted that directed antibiotics directly to his heart. Further, Gleason needed to have drainage of the infection from his legs on a daily basis. Now, Gleason is unsure that he will ever play soccer again and spent months struggling simply to make his way from the couch to the bathroom.

He is seeking over $10 million in damages.

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