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Safety Errors a Problem for Johns Hopkins Affiliates


Johns Hopkins is renowned across the world as one of the leaders in the medical field. Within their own hospitals, however, these reports clearly show a trend where they have let safety standards slip and the result has been a number of preventable errors.

This is an astonishing revelation considering Johns Hopkins’ reputation for excellence.

Johns Hopkins listed communication as one of the top causes of preventable medical errors and one of the key components to that was listening to what their staff doctors and nurses had to say.

Johns Hopkins Collateral Damage in All Children’s Scandal 

Amid the scandal concerning patient deaths in the pediatric heart surgery program at All Children’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins partnership figured as a key issue in this scandal. It wasn’t until All Children’s merged with Johns Hopkins that fatality rates in the department became a key problem. Doctors who had great success at All Children’s left the department as key staff members were replaced by Johns Hopkins own staff. In addition, Johns Hopkins brought in a doctor who was well-known for his academic achievements but reportedly had a questionable surgical record.

Now, a critical light is being shined into the role that Johns Hopkins played in these problems at All Children’s.

There are Problems at Other Johns Hopkins Hospitals Too

In this case, Johns Hopkins facilities are being accused of allowing safety standards to slip and endangering their patients.

A recent Tampa Bay Times article has brought to light at least nine incidences in which front-line medical personnel brought major problems to the attention of executives who allegedly chose to nothing in response.

One report indicated that doctors at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland continued to perform surgeries in a surgical room that wasn’t being cleaned properly. Despite bringing this to the attention of executives, the situation continued without remedy.

Another Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore was reported to have continued to treat pediatric burn victims despite the fact that the department’s chief told the administration that it should be shut down. The chief claimed that doctor errors were leaving children disfigured.

Here in St. Petersburg, numerous employees were reported to have expressed concern over the capacity of two of the pediatric heart department’s chief surgeons. Despite these concerns, the department continued to perform surgeries.

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