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Media Reports that Doctor Falsely Diagnoses Patients with Multiple Sclerosis


Dr. Gary Weiss held himself out to the public as an expert on the incurable disease of multiple sclerosis (MS).  He diagnosed many patients with MS; however, nearly two dozen of them did not actually have the rare illness. Dr. Weiss falsely diagnosed his patients for his own financial gain. He has allegedly earned a large percentage of his profits from MRI and EEG tests prescribed by him that were not “medically necessary.”

While misdiagnosis remains the leading cause of medical malpractice lawsuits, it is unusual to hear of a doctor intentionally misdiagnosing their patients.

Two lawsuits have recently been filed against the Brevard County doctor alleging that he diagnosed his patients with MS for the sheer purpose of ordering expensive medication, expensive lab tests, and charging them hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical treatment they didn’t need. In addition, they were not being treated for neurological conditions that they did, in fact, have.

Perhaps worst of all is that they were forced to endure a scary diagnosis with a very grim prognosis. MS is both incurable and degenerative.

Gary Weiss Forced to Give Up Medical License in Colorado

This is not the first time that Weiss has been accused of victimizing his patients. After one of his patients died due to a complication that was foreseeable, Weiss went up for review before the Colorado Board of Medicine. After several of his former patients filed lawsuits against him, he was forced to surrender his medical license. He then came to Florida where he resumed the practice of medicine.

The results were the same. More patients were falsely diagnosed with MS. More unnecessary, expensive medications were prescribed. More unnecessary, expensive tests were ordered. Medical bills piled up.

After one patient learned that he had his license to practice medicine revoked in Colorado, she sought a second opinion. The doctor told her that it was unlikely that she suffered from MS. For five years, however, she endured endless tests and medicines, and her condition worsened.

Florida Refuses to Revoke His License 

Despite reports of having his license revoked in both Illinois and Colorado, the State of Florida has only forced Weiss to pay a $250,000 fine and take 15 hours of additional training. However, he still denies any wrongdoing claiming that it’s not uncommon for physicians to differ on diagnoses.

Fifteen years later, Weiss is still practicing medicine, and patients are still complaining his treatment. He continues to be accused of running up massive charges on his patients based on a suspect diagnosis.

Attorneys for Weiss claim that the Florida lawsuits are copycats from Colorado suits. Nine patients in Colorado claimed that Weiss falsely diagnosed them with MS.

Have You Been Injured by a Doctor’s Negligence?

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