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Jury Finds in Favor of Plaintiff Who Died with a Broken Ankle


Maria Elena Fernandez went to Baptist Health Medical Group Orthopedics for treatment of a broken ankle. She died from complications of the surgery related to blood clots. A Florida jury just awarded her widower $30 million as compensation for the loss of his wife. The question is: How was this allowed to this far?

The Facts of the Case 

The jury laid the majority of blame at the feet of the doctor who was responsible for the plaintiff’s rehab. However, they also found the doctor who had performed the surgery 5% responsible for his patient’s death, which made him responsible for around $1.5 million.

It was clear that the plaintiffs were going after Dr. Jordan who performed the surgery and are now likely to ask the judge to increase the jury award. They managed to settle the suit against the doctor who was found 95% responsible for the victim’s death, but details about that settlement are not available to the public.

Maria Elena Fernandez broke her ankle in 2016. She was admitted to Kendall Baptist Hospital where she was administered a blood thinner (heparin) to prevent the formation of blood clots. A few days after the surgery was completed, she was transferred to the rehab center. Although Dr. Jordan, who performed the surgery, gave her heparin while she was still in the hospital, he never sent an order to continue the heparin while she was still in rehab. In other words, she was never given the blood thinner while she was in rehab, and this led to the formation of fatal clots that ultimately resulted in her death.

Fernandez later returned to the hospital for a checkup with Dr. Jordan, but Jordan never appeared to notice that she was not on a blood thinner. He sent her back to rehab. On February 17, the clots moved into her lungs, and she died of pulmonary embolus—a blockage of blood to lungs. Before that, she had contracted pneumonia.

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