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How do I pay my medical malpractice lawyer?

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All medical malpractice lawyers in Florida are paid on a contingency fee basis. What that means is, the lawyer doesn’t get paid unless there is a recovery in the case. The payment for the lawyer, or the fee, is a percentage of the amount of money that is recovered at the end of the case. The nice thing about this is you, as the client, don’t have to pay any costs upfront. Our fee comes out of any recovery that we get. You’ve probably heard the advertising, online or on tv, that says, “no recovery, no fee” and that’s true. The other nice thing about a contingency fee is when we are first deciding to accept the case, we have to do a lot of investigation. We have to gather medical records, talk to you and get the facts together. There is no charge for any of that. The initial consultation is free, and the work we put in to evaluating the case and investigating the case is without charge. The advantage of the contingency fee is the law firm takes all the risk in the case. The law firm only recovers a fee if the case is successful and there is a settlement or recovery at trial. The other part of the case are the costs, or expenses that are involved in prosecuting the case. Medical malpractice cases are expensive. There are a lot of costs that are involved in litigation. There are a lot of costs that are involved in paying experts. The nice thing about a contingency fee is that you as the client, are not responsible for those costs. The only time those costs are recovered are if there is a settlement, or a successful outcome at trial. If not, the law firm suffers those expenses and those costs, and you as the client, are not obligated to them.

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