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Florida Hospital Accused of Covering Up Medical Error to Avoid Lawsuit


The family of a 25-year-old man has accused a Florida hospital of committing medical negligence and then attempting to cover it up after the fact. The man died as a result of an improperly removed central venous catheter line. Palms West Hospital is accused of attempting to cover up the mistake by claiming that the patient died of “broken heart syndrome”, a rare ailment that generally affects older people whose spouses die.

The young man’s family discovered that their son had died from a preventable error weeks later. The medical examiner corrected the hospital’s cause-of-death, which was changed from “natural” to “accident.”

The finding prompted an investigation into Palms West Hospital, which did not report the death as a medical accident even after receiving the findings of the medical examiner. The hospital, of course, is denying any wrongdoing. 

The hospital’s cover-up could expose them to administrative sanctions by the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA). The explanation the hospital gave the family caused them great distress. The family was left to wonder what they could have done differently and second-guess their every interaction with their loved one.

Another Victim of the Opioid Crisis 

The deceased patient did not come from a troubled home or have serious issues with authorities. He was not your typical addict. When he was 14, he got a job at a grocery store saving his money that so he could buy a car. Later in high school, he was in a serious car accident and like many others was prescribed painkillers. He became hooked. Throughout the next 10 years, he would battle his addiction.

It seemed as though he was doing quite well. He got a job at a local gym and was enrolled at classes at Palm Beach State College. By all accounts, he was very focused. He maintained a close relationship with his family and had much to look forward to in the future. But the thrall of addiction is something many struggle with for the rest of their lives.

Ultimately, that journey landed him in the ICU of Palms West Hospital where he was being treated for a recent overdose and an act of medical negligence tragically cut his life short.

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