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Federal Investigation Reveals Serious Problems at All Children’s Hospital


Federal authorities have rebuked Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital after a report was released illustrating serious problems within the executive hierarchy. Essentially, Johns Hopkins fell prey to an administrative no-no in which all decision-making power was consolidated in the hands of a small group of people. Although hospital staff raised a series of concerns with the administration, the administration never bothered to listen to those concerns or enact policies that would help prevent future problems within the hospital’s once-vaunted pediatric heart program.

When All Children’s reached out to Johns Hopkins to raise the hospital’s profile, Johns Hopkins gladly accepted. They also replaced much of the hospital’s staff with their own people and made several decisions that resulted in the quality of patient care diminishing. In fact, the number of deaths in the pediatric cardiology program spiked during that period during which surgeons seemed unable to perform even low-risk routine procedures without harming their patients.

It has now been revealed that one of the key problems the department faced was sanitary concerns in operating rooms used to treat the children whose parents entrusted the hospital with their care.

Basic Issues Overlooked 

One of the most troubling aspects of the report is that it indicates that Johns Hopkins allowed basic protocols to lapse in their hospital. Surgical rooms were not kept sanitary before surgeries resulting in infections to children. During this period, the incidence of both surgical infection and death spiked to the highest in the state according to the series authored by the Tampa Bay Times.

Despite being made aware of these issues, the administration failed to remedy the situation or oversee the escalating rates of infection or the relative competence of their doctors performing the surgeries. They were, however, aware of the ongoing problems but they never made this information available to the hospital’s board.

Additionally, Johns Hopkins administration never bothered to track the results of individual doctors and had no method set up to monitor the ongoing care of their patients. The report claims that the hospital implemented “ineffective strategies” to monitor the quality of their patient’s care. The report cited Johns Hopkins All Children’s for failing to keep adequate records, failing to ensure a sanitary environment, and failing to even wash their hands. Oxygen tanks were not adequately fastened to carts. In other words, standards slipped across the board and even seemingly small infractions have led to major violations.

While the drop in standards was most noticeable in the pediatric heart program, it was far from the only hospital department that standards fall in the hospital. The hospital was placed in immediate jeopardy of losing public funding but has since remedied the problem and no longer in administrative danger.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s has cleaned house and the former administration has come under fire. But federal officials continue to monitor the hospital, and, hopefully, the standard of care will improve. But the damage has already been done.

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