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Doctor With Malpractice History Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patient


A Hialeah doctor is in hot water after one of his patients accused him of sexual assault. The Miami-based doctor managed to survive several medical malpractice lawsuits, jury verdicts against him, and a suspension of his license in the 1990s, but his medical license may not survive this last accusation.

Jose Nabut stands accused by a former patients of sexually assault in his practice. Nabut, who now works as a general practitioner after years as a surgeon, allegedly assaulted a 60-year-old woman who is as of yet unnamed.

An attorney for the woman said that this is part of a larger issue and that both men and women are the victims of predatory doctors.

The Plaintiff’s Case 

According to the lawsuit, the patient went to the doctor for a follow-up appointment and to retrieve paperwork for two earlier visits. A physician’s assistant brought the woman into Nabut’s examination room, and she waited about ten minutes before the doctor arrived. Nabut asked the woman to lay down on the examination table. The woman said she was hesitant, but nonetheless complied with the request. It is then that she said Nabut began examining her abdomen and assaulted her.

In addition to filing suit against Nabut, the woman also filed a complaint with the police department. The police department would not confirm receipt of the complaint and Nabut, when asked, said he had not been served with a lawsuit.

A History of Malpractice 

Nabut was sued in the 1990’s by several patients some of whom claimed that they had permanent injuries after cyst and gall bladder removals. In one case, a patient was awarded $14.5 million in damages. In another, a jury awarded the plaintiff $500,000.

Additionally, the Florida Board of Medicine ordered Nabut to pay $1 million to patients who had won court judgments against him. In a move considered rare in the State of Florida, Nabut had his license suspended for 120 days and placed him on a two-year probation. Nabut was also ordered to pay fines. Nabut still carries obligations stemming from the probation in 1999.

From 1986 to 1994, Nabut was sued seven times for medical malpractice.

Disciplinary Action Against Doctors in Florida Remains Rare 

Nabut is perhaps in the minority when it comes to doctors who have multiple medical malpractice verdicts against them and were disciplined by the state medical board. All too often, doctors with suspect records are allowed to continue to practice medicine without state discipline even when there is a major medical malpractice verdict against them. This is particularly true in Florida, where state officials seem reluctant to intervene against doctors with less-than-stellar records.

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