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Deceased Pediatrician Accused of Faking Vaccinations, Falsifying Records


Several patients have filed lawsuits against the estate of former Illinois pediatrician Dr. Van Koinis. The allegations came to light after the pediatrician took his own life. Patients are accusing the deceased doctor of faking routine vaccinations, falsifying medical records and lying about it as a coverup.

Koinis killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head but also left a note in his vehicle that he had failed to accurately maintain patient charts and falsified their immunization records. Illinois authorities formally announced their investigation in February.

The Investigation 

The sheriff’s spokeswoman said in a press conference that of the 14 patients who had been vaccinated by Koinis, only one had full immunity to the diseases for which they were vaccinated. Others either had no immunity at all or only partial immunity. The department urged Koinis’s former patients to contact their doctors and have their immunizations checked.

Public schools rely on the information provided by doctors to ensure that all students are immunized against preventable infectious diseases.

At present, there is a class-action lawsuit. Jessica Czarnecki is among several former patients who have had their children tested for antibodies. Czarnecki claims that her daughter lacked immunity for all of the diseases that she was vaccinated for. This includes potentially fatal diseases like Diphtheria.

Patients are seeking compensation, including the costs of medical expenses incurred as a result of the failure to vaccinate.

How to Sue a Dead Guy 

Koinis allegedly left a note that he knew would be found directly after his suicide. The note allegedly states that he falsified vaccination information. The victims are pursuing a claim against his estate, although it remains to be seen whether his estate can cover the damages being sought.

Similarly, it is unclear whether or not Koinis’ medical malpractice insurance will apply.

According to the note left behind, Koinis had ten years’ worth of patients with inaccurate vaccination charts. Koinis was well-liked as a pediatrician. He was often sought out by those who opposed vaccination.

Families say they were unaware of Koinis’s reputation among anti-vaxxers.

Czarnecki says that she took her daughter to Koinis because that is where her mother took her when she was a little girl. So far, about 60 or so prospective plaintiffs have called to inquire concerning the lawsuit. Koinis was licensed to practice medicine in Illinois in 1991 until his death.

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