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Can Surrendering Your License to Practice Medicine Save Your Medical Career?


Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, it is not an uncommon occurrence for doctors who want to continue to practice medicine. By the time they are brought before the medical board, there are some doctors who have been instructed by their attorneys to offer, as an option, the surrendering of their medical license in order to avoid a protracted conflict. By doing so, they try to quickly resolve the disciplinary action and move to another state where they can continue to practice medicine regardless of whether they are still careless or underqualified.

When a doctor surrenders his or her medical license, they do so under the assumption that they will not face further disciplinary action. However, since it is the state that issues medical licenses, each state has its own board which revokes those licenses. For that reason, a doctor can surrender their medical license in one state, yet, they are free to practice in another state with no restrictions or limitations placed on their license.

Doctor Accused of Intentionally Misdiagnosing Patients with Multiple Sclerosis 

While practicing in Florida, Dr. Gary Weiss has been accused of intentionally misdiagnosing a number of patients with multiple sclerosis, a disease which has no cure and requires expensive testing and maintenance. There are currently five patients who have accused him of misdiagnosing them intentionally. But more disturbingly, there are several more in Colorado who claim the same thing.

There, multiple patients accused Weiss of misdiagnosing them with MS and then running up their medical expenses to collect large sums from their health insurance. He was actually sued by an insurance provider who accused him of insurance fraud. Weiss allowed his medical license to lapse in Colorado and then moved to Florida where more patients are accusing him of diagnosing them with MS to bill their insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars for unnecessary medical treatment.

Doctor Finds Home in Ohio after Losing License in Other States 

Another doctor, Larry Mitchell Isaacs, was forced to give up his medical license in Louisiana after mistakenly removing a healthy kidney during a colon surgery. He surrendered his license. Then, in California, he mistook a fallopian tube for an appendix and removed it. He surrendered his license. New York moved to revoke his license after word reached them of what happened in California. He surrendered his license there too. Eventually, he moved to Ohio where he remains licensed to practice medicine.

The recurring problem is that doctors who have serious disciplinary and competency issues are continuing to be allowed to practice medicine by the board. In many cases, doctors can surrender their license in order to avoid public and professional scrutiny and continue to practice medicine without repercussion. This puts patients at risk.

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