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Botched Spinal Surgery Results in Malpractice Lawsuit


A patient is accusing GW Hospital and his doctor of botching a spinal fusion surgery that caused severe respiratory complications and skin tears, among other symptoms. The neurosurgeon was tasked with performing a corpectomy and spinal fusion on the patient. The goal was to remove part of the spine while doctors fused two other parts of the spine together. This, the plaintiff alleges, led to problems breathing.

The plaintiff was readmitted to the hospital following the surgery. He alleges that the doctors failed to position him on the bed properly leading to skin lacerations on his back.

The Allegations 

The patient alleges that the doctors proceeded with the surgery despite the fact that the patient had undergone a previous surgery for a cervical discectomy or the removal of a spinal disc from the back of the neck. The surgery required an incision be made in the back of the neck. The patient suffered from hyperostosis, or the overgrowth of bone and the hardening of the spinal ligaments. This condition left him at increased risk of brain damage and the worsening of the condition of his spine.

The lawsuit alleges that the doctors never informed the plaintiff of the risks associated with the surgery and further, the doctors never discussed alternatives to the surgery. The patient alleges that the doctors never received his informed consent prior to the surgery.

During the surgery, the plaintiff showed signs of tearing on his brain and fluid leakage from past surgeries. The complaint states that these should have been obvious to the attending neurosurgeon. The plaintiff was immediately transferred to ICU following the surgery after which he began to show signs of severe respiratory distress. Doctors were required to perform an emergency tracheotomy to insert a breathing pipe. The patient then began to show signs of infection, spiking a 103℉ fever. The hospital responded by conducting blood work. However, the hospital allegedly failed to conduct an evaluation of the patient, which led to the worsening of bedsores started from lacerations around his spine.

An attending nurse later found skin sloughing off the patient’s body and embedded in his bed sheets. Surgery was conducted to remove the sores. At that point, the patient was diagnosed with a Stage IV pressure injury meaning that by then, the infection had already spread to the bone.

The plaintiff alleges that the doctors and nurses did not attend to him correctly causing a worsening of his condition that left with permanent disfigurement and permanent injuries. The patient is seeking at least $5 million in damages from the attending physician and the hospital. The complaint also states that his injuries prevent him working and otherwise enjoying activities that he once enjoyed.

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