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Am I entitled to get copies of my medical records?

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In Florida patients are entitled to get copies of their medical records and under our current medical malpractice laws, in order to start the pre-suit process, medical experts need to review the medical records. The availability of the medical records is something that is readily available in Florida. That being said, it is not always a good idea for a patient who believes they’ve been injured by malpractice to request their medical records. It can prevent the patient from getting the care that is needed. Some doctors will not get involved in the care of a patient if they think they are getting involved in a potential medical malpractice case. It can also impact what physicians place in their records, in caring for the patient. We normally suggest the patients wait until your medical treatment is completed or talk to a lawyer and have them assist you in gathering the medical records instead of just going out haphazardly and asking for the records.

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