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Monthly Archives: June 2020


Coronavirus Causes a Surge in Personal Injury Lawsuits

By Masterson & Hoag, P.A. |

There are a number of industries that have already been impacted by the coronavirus and more appear likely as the virus spreads. Already, several cruise-goers aboard the Princess Diamond and the Grand Princess have filed lawsuits alleging that Princess Cruises was grossly negligent for exposing their passengers to the virus. But cruise lines aren’t… Read More »

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How Will Medical Malpractice Cases Work in the Age of Coronavirus?

By Masterson & Hoag, P.A. |

The quarantine is only a couple of weeks in, but already lawmakers are pushing to prevent average citizens from filing lawsuits against doctors while the quarantine is in place? The theory goes that the folks on the front lines should be insulated from lawsuits because their over-stressed, overworked, and are now unwilling conscripts in… Read More »

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New York’s Medical Malpractice Moratorium

By Masterson & Hoag, P.A. |

New York was the first state to implement a medical malpractice moratorium during the pandemic. Two other states soon followed: New Jersey and Michigan. Of course, these three states have the majority of COVID-19 cases in the country. Thus far, the federal government has not weighed in on the issue, but it appears likely… Read More »

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A Look at the Largest Pharmaceutical Lawsuit in History

By Masterson & Hoag, P.A. |

Much like sports stations that are replaying some of the most exciting games of all time amid the indefinite coronavirus shut down, we thought it might be interesting to take a look at the largest pharmaceutical settlement in history. Before we dig into this, pharmaceutical lawsuits are not filed under a theory of medical… Read More »

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