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Monthly Archives: August 2018


Florida Hospital Accused of Covering Up Medical Error to Avoid Lawsuit

By Masterson, Hoag & Smith, P.A. |

The family of a 25-year-old man has accused a Florida hospital of committing medical negligence and then attempting to cover it up after the fact. The man died as a result of an improperly removed central venous catheter line. Palms West Hospital is accused of attempting to cover up the mistake by claiming that… Read More »

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Media Reports that Doctor Falsely Diagnoses Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

By Masterson, Hoag & Smith, P.A. |

Dr. Gary Weiss held himself out to the public as an expert on the incurable disease of multiple sclerosis (MS).  He diagnosed many patients with MS; however, nearly two dozen of them did not actually have the rare illness. Dr. Weiss falsely diagnosed his patients for his own financial gain. He has allegedly earned… Read More »

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Reports Indicate that Paramedics Let Woman Die Assuming She Could not Afford an Ambulance

By Masterson, Hoag & Smith, P.A. |

In a very troubling display of discrimination and medical neglect, four fire rescue paramedics allegedly allowed a 30-year-old mother to die of a stroke rather than assisting her. The woman had recently given birth and was nursing a 5-day-old baby when paramedics arrived on the scene. She had shown stroke-like symptoms after her baby… Read More »

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